Why should you wear football gloves? [2023]

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In the last 35 years, the progress of football gloves has been dramatic. Now it is virtually impossible to imagine a tackle football or flag football game where someone isn’t wearing them. Why do so many players wear them? Football gloves offer an unmatched utility for performance and style. They have the ability to elevate any athlete’s game and maximize their output as well as performance in game and in practice.


Weather and Protection

Weather and Protection - Why should you wear football gloves?

During cold weather games, they provide warmth and protection to combat the weather.  During heat waves gloves can also provide added ventilation to allow your hands to breathe and not contact moisture. Additionally, football gloves can be used for safety and protection from multiple variables during a football game. Whether it be a bullet pass coming in hot from the quarterback or an incoming tackle. Gloves will give your valuable hand an added layer of protection to avoid imminent injury that would occur without them.


Grip and Ball Feel

Grip and Ball Feel - Why should you wear football gloves?

The biggest advantage to wearing football gloves is the improved capability of catching footballs. With most gloves being made of thin materials that allow a player to get a better feel and grip of the ball once it is in your hands. Additionally, the stickiness associated with football gloves enables even the most impossible receptions to be completed.


Style and customization

Style and customization - Why should you wear football gloves?

 Finally, gloves are innovating further than simple utility, they have become a staple to a football players wardrobe and now even allow for customization to match team uniform as well as personal interests. With the evolution of fashion in sports it is no wonder that gloves are the next trend for customization. NFL and CFL athletes have pushed their personalities onto what they wear and a great way to show that is through their gloves. Invictus’ glove customization allows you to customize your gloves to display your own unique identity. Choosing to rep your team colors or your favorite illustrations will surely leave a statement on the field and eyes in your direction. NFL cornerback Benjamin St Juste of the Washington Commanders customizing his Invictus “OG” gloves, the Invictus gloves personalization feature has quickly become  a trailblazer for the ever growing custom football gloves market.


Football gloves will forever be a staple in the new era in football. From professionals to youth football, gloves have provided unmatched effectiveness to catching footballs, protecting you from injury and delivering you with your own personal style and identity on the gridiron. Football gloves provide tremendous utility with virtually no downside to performance.


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