What’s the equipment of American football players? [2023]

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Football has the most stringent uniform requirements of any sport. With reason. Football is a rough and potentially dangerous sport if the equipment is not worn correctly. This is why brands and leagues continuously push innovation and advancement in equipment technology. We have come a long way from the leather football helmets and cleats. The technological advancement has been dramatic, but the basics remain the same.

Football helmet

Football helmet

A helmet, which is arguably the most important piece of equipment, is designed to protect the players head from collisions and impact caused by players, footballs, and the ground.


Football mouthguard

football mouthguard

A mouthguard is another essential low-cost requirement which is used to protect your teeth, jaw and even prevent concussions.


Football shoulder pads

Football shoulder pads

Additionally, properly fitted shoulder pads are also a necessity in cushioning and preventing injury to the shoulders, chest and neck area.
Shoulder Pads are designed to withstand tackles and the force of falling on the ground. What about your hands?


Football gloves

football gloves - What’s the equipment of American football players?

Gloves have also become an essential necessity to all football players, not just receivers. Gloves are made for more than just being sticky and catching footballs. They have innovated to being protective equipment, a tool for warmth during cold games as well the ability to customize and match to team uniforms and personal preferences. The hands of football players are protected with gloves in a range of potentially harmful scenarios. Their cushioning can assist protect hands and fingers from accidents or damage caused by players, balls and the ground.


Football cleats

Football cleats

Your choice of cleats will also be influenced by the position you play. Skill players will require thin gloves that are made with the stickiness to catch footballs while linemen will gravitate towards gloves that protect them from any finger injury. The final equipment requirement a player needs is cleats. Normal shoes will not provide the traction required to make sudden changes of direction and protection from being stepped on. The decision on which cleats to buy will also depend on what position you play. Skill players will require lighter and more pliable cleats to meet their on field needs while Linemen will require heavy, rigid duty boot like cleats to prevent injuries to the ankle or the possibility of being stepped on.

Equipment is an essential aspect of nearly every sport but more so true in football than any other. Equipment can become expensive, but football teams normally provide the essentials (helmet, shoulder pads, mouthguard). It also gives athletes the opportunity to perform at their potential without fear or risk of injury. Having the ability to play this sport without fear is a crucial aspect of the sport and the technology built into the equipment allows you to do so.


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