How to correctly clean a golf glove? [2023]

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To get the most out of any piece of equipment, you have to properly maintain it, and golf gloves are no exception. Not properly cleaning your gloves will make them less effective, and give them a shorter lifespan. However, how to clean a golf glove can be tricky depending on what kind you have, and cleaning it incorrectly can cause a glove to shrink or be damaged.


What’s your type of golf glove?

To correctly clean your golf glove, you need to know what's your type of golf glove?

Firstly, you need to know what type of glove you have, leather or synthetic. You should be able to tell just by feeling, but if you’re unsure there should be a tag somewhere on the glove that lets you know. If it’s leather, unfortunately it cannot be safely washed. This guide from here on out will describe how to wash synthetic golf gloves.


How to clean your golf glove?

Discover how to correctly clean your golf glove?

Putting your glove straight in the washing machine is an option, but make sure to use cold water as the heat from regular washing cycles can damage gloves. If you want a more thorough clean that has a much lower chance of damaging your glove, you can also wash it by hand. First, get some warm water with dishwashing soap, and a cleaning brush with soft bristles. Don’t use a brush with metal bristles as they may damage the glove. Clean the dirty areas with the brush, dipping it into the soapy water as needed. Now comes the most important part, safely drying out the glove you just cleaned. Wear the glove on your hand as you dry it out with a towel to prevent shrinking, and be sure to be gentle while drying it.


Finally, take a look at your cleaned glove. If it has tears, stains or holes, it’s probably time for a new one. If you need a new golf glove, check out Invictus Imperio golf gloves.


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