How Long Does Golf Gloves Last? [2024]

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Have you ever asked yourself if you can still play with your golf gloves when they become crusty and dirty or if you should replace them immediately? The durability of your gloves actually depends on some obvious elements such as the materials or how often you use them, but it’s also a question of how you take care of them. We will give you our special tips of gloves maintenance to help you figure out when is the right time to replace your glove. Let’s understand the determining factors of gloves longevity without worrying too much.


When Should You Replace Your Golf Gloves?

When Should You Replace Your Golf Gloves? - How Long Does Golf Gloves Last?

1. When You Find Any Holes Or Tears

Obviously, when there’s a hole in your glove, it is no longer useful. Some cheaper gloves can even develop holes within a few rounds, so you can always carry an extra pair of gloves.


2. When Your Glove Does Not Fit Properly

Golf is all about grip and precision: change your glove if it doesn’t help you improve your game. Wearing gloves that aren’t your size can make it harder to have a good grip. When choosing your glove, pay attention to the palm area, but also to the length of the fingers.


How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

How Long Do Golf Gloves Last? - How Long Does Golf Gloves Last?

The lifespan of your glove will vary depending on how often you play, the weather conditions and how you take care of the glove. You can count an average of 10 rounds for a regular golf glove. 


What Determines How Long Your Golf Gloves Last?

What Determines How Long Your Golf Gloves Last? - How Long Does Golf Gloves Last?

1. How Often Do You Play

This one is really obvious. With this in mind, you can practice with older gloves and keep your brand new glove for the main events.


2. Conditions In Which You Play

Hot and humid weather will affect your glove negatively. Rain and humidity are your glove’s worst enemy because it affects the grip and the material. In the same vein, hot weather leads to more sweat in the gloves, which reduces their lifespan.


3. The Way You Grip Your Club

If your glove is tearing too fast, it means that you are not holding your club correctly. Hand positioning is key to both playing golf with precision and taking good care of your gloves. Holding on your club too tight can lead to holes in the exterior palm area and gloves that are too tight won’t last as long as gloves that are suited for your hand.


4. Material of the gloves

Golf gloves are made to be breathable with their thin and soft materials: when you take care of leather gloves, be sure to put them back in their little bag to keep them from getting dry and crusty. If you keep your glove humid, the leather won’t dry and it won’t tear up easily. At Invictus, we also have a patch that keep your glove humid. Leather gloves are the most popular gloves, they are soft and thin, but they run out more quickly than synthetic gloves. Synthetic gloves are less expensive and last longer, but they are not as precise and comfortable. You can opt for hybrid gloves that are made both with synthetic and leather to have a weatherproof glove that will assist you even when you play in the rain or on a really hot day.


5. The Overall Quality Of Your Gloves

Don’t focus on the price tag, focus on the quality of the materials and the general feeling you get when you put it on. Of course there are many different levels of quality in golf gloves, but the most important thing is that it suits you well and that the materials are of good quality.


6. How Do You Care For Your Gloves

When wearing something elegant, you need to put it on in an elegant way. You can remove your glove regularly during a round when the weather is hot and humid: to put and remove your glove, pull on the wrist section instead of the strip. You can also allow your glove to air out after each round before putting it back in your bag. Some gloves even come with a bag specially made to preserve it. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Replacing Golf Gloves

Frequently Asked Questions About Replacing Golf Gloves - How Long Does Golf Gloves Last?

When Should I Throw Away My Golf Glove?

Golf gloves are supposed to help you gain precision and grip. If the glove doesn’t help you, why bother putting it on?


Why Do Pro Golfers Take Their Gloves Off After Every Shot?

Pro golfers take their golf gloves off after every shot to prevent anny sweat accumulation in the glove.


What Do You Do With Old Golf Gloves?

You can use your old gloves to practice and keep your new ones to play long rounds. But if your glove is way too old, there is nothing left to do, just throw them away and buy new ones.


Final Thoughts On The Lifespan Of Golf Gloves

So now you know how to take care of your glove: you have everything in your hands to make your glove last longer and improve your game.

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