What’s the equipment of American football players? [2023]

Reading time : 2 min Football has the most stringent uniform requirements of any sport. With reason. Football is a rough and potentially dangerous sport if the equipment is not worn correctly. This is why brands and leagues continuously push innovation and advancement in equipment technology. We have come a long way from the leather […]

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Why should you wear football gloves? [2023]

Looking for the best football gloves to wear on the field? Look no further! Our latest blog post, “Why should you wear football gloves,” explores the benefits of wearing gloves during football games and provides valuable tips for selecting the right pair. Improve your grip, protect your hands, and up your game with the right football gloves. Read more now!

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How we design the Armis 3.0 football gloves?

The creation of the ARMIS 3.0 Usually when we go out looking for any kind of sport item, we hardly even think about how it got to be created. We think about its utility in our everyday lifestyle, and we decide if we like it or not depending on the reviews that we have of […]

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3 best occasions to offer personalized football gloves [2023]

Reading time : 2 min Personalized football gloves may be the most useful and appreciated gift a young or adult athlete can receive. Most of the equipment required is provided to the player by the team, football gloves normally are not. A common saying in Football locker rooms is “you can never have too many […]

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Benjamin St-Juste rencontre Invictus Gloves

Comment tout à commencer? La première édition du camp Retour à l’origine a vu le jour à l’école secondaire Curé-Antoine- Labelle à Laval pendant la période estivale. C’est aussi entre ses murs que le joueur défensif des Commanders de Washington de la NFL, Benjamin St-juste et instigateur du projet, a fait son parcours au secondaire. […]

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Camp Retour à l’Origine 2022 : Lettre ouverte du directeur

Le samedi 9 juillet 2022, 497 jeunes footballeurs et footballeuses se sont présentés à l’École Curé Antoine Labelle pour participer à un programme de 12 heures combinant football, éducation et bien-être. Si la 1re édition du camp Retour à l’Origine a répondu à sa promesse de rendre accessible l’apprentissage du football de haut niveau, le camp a été avant tout un moment magique faisant rêver une génération de jeunes athlètes.

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The difference between Armis 1.0 and Armis 2.0

When you are deciding what to choose for your next pair of football gloves, the Invictus Armis 2.0 offers the best combination of high quality and low price on the market. However, whether you have used the original Armis 1.0 or are new to Invictus. You may be wondering about the differences between the Armis […]

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What makes a good wide receiver (WR)? [2023]

It’s one of the most visible and remarkable positions in football is the wide receiver, making eye-catching plays and drawing plenty of attention. Here’s a breakdown of what different attributes make the best receivers the unstoppable attacking force they are.    Your main focus : your speed One of the most important aspects of a […]

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Where’s Will review Invictus Armis 2.0

Who’s Where’s Will? Where’s Will is an internet content creator and YouTuber who focuses on entertainment and football. His channel just passed 5000 subscribers, but has so far garnered almost a half a million views. He recently sat down to do a review and unboxing of the new Invictus Armis 2.0 football gloves, and here […]

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Beyond Reality review Invictus Armis 2.0

Who’s Beyond Reality? Beyond Reality is a football YouTube channel following football player Webs and his brother, featuring gameplay, vlogs and football gear reviews. To this point, the channel has reached 154,000 subscribers and over 18 million views. Recently, they did an unboxing and review of the new Invictus Armis 2.0 football gloves. They mentioned […]

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Top 5 Highest Paid Players in the NFL in 2021

When it comes to golf gloves, nothing can beat a pair made by you, just for you. Custom golf gloves allow players to have an unrivalled fit and comfort level, as well as allowing them to design exactly the look they want to show off on the course. Offering custom golf gloves is part of […]

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Best Custom Football Gloves of July 2021

Since 2016, Invictus Gloves gives all football players the opportunity to create and design the football gloves of their dreams. By using our 3D custom football gloves creator, you have full control over every part of your gloves. After choosing your colors, you can add a text or a logo on the palm of your […]

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How to customize golf gloves? (No Minimum Quantity) [2023]

When it comes to golf gloves, nothing can beat a pair made by you, just for you. Custom golf gloves allow players to have an unrivalled fit and comfort level, as well as allowing them to design exactly the look they want to show off on the course. Offering custom golf gloves is part of […]

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Why do people love football?

Football is one of the world’s most popular sports, and the most popular in North America. It is beloved by millions of fans around the world, and by the lucky few who get to play it at a high level. You may be wondering whether you should try football, and why it’s so enjoyable for […]

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How to balance varsity football and school? [2023]

The life of a varsity football player can be an arduous one. Speaking as someone who spent five years as a varsity football player at McGill University, the balancing act of combining the time commitment required for academics and football is a challenging but rewarding experience. Before I started my time at McGill, a high […]

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How to know when to change your golf glove? [2023]

One of the advantages of owning a high-quality golf glove is that it can last you a long time, but every once in a while you need to replace it, often earlier than you might think. However, people can be hesitant to get rid of their old glove and start looking for a new one. […]

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How to correctly clean a golf glove? [2023]

To get the most out of any piece of equipment, you have to properly maintain it, and golf gloves are no exception. Not properly cleaning your gloves will make them less effective, and give them a shorter lifespan. However, how to clean a golf glove can be tricky depending on what kind you have, and […]

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How to choose the right golf glove size? [2023]

When which golf gloves you want to buy, there are several things to consider including type, brand, and design. However, the most important aspect to a golf glove, as with most other pieces of equipment, is how it fits you. Even if you have the best glove on the market, if it doesn’t fit you […]

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Which hand do you wear a golf glove on and why? [2023]

Golf gloves can be an overlooked piece of equipment for some players, but there is a reason that nearly every high-level golfer wears a glove. It can be the difference-maker in a game where even the smallest detail can change the trajectory of a shot, and a well-made golf glove can upgrade your game more […]

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What’s the difference between the armis and the custom football gloves?

When choosing from our selection of football gloves, you may wonder what the difference is between the regular Invictus Armis gloves, and our custom gloves.   Same standards. Different styles. Both the regular Invictus Armis 2.0 and our custom gloves are made from the same high-quality materials, meeting SFIA standards. Our new combination of materials […]

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How to get better at catching a football? [2023]

Catch the football with your fingers It may be a cliché, but there’s a reason this adage is so often-used by football coaches around the world. Catching the ball with your hands instead of your chest or arms will hugely help your catch percentage.  Using the soft, malleable and sticky surface of your gloves to […]

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Who’s NFL player Josiah Scott?

Josiah Scott is a cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL, and we are incredibly excited to have him as one of our Invictus Teammates.   The beginning Josiah was born in Hamilton Ohio, and played high school football at Fairfield High School, performing well enough to earn Division 1 scholarship offers from Iowa, […]

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Why Super Bowl is so popular?

What’s the Super bowl? The final game of every NFL season, the Super Bowl is the name of the National Football League’s championship game, played between the winners of the AFC and NFC conferences. To those who have an in-depth knowledge of the game of football, the word Super Bowl likely produces images of so […]

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Who’s NFL player Troy Apke?

Troy Apke is a free safety for the NFL’s Washington Football Team, and we are proud to have him as one of our Invictus Teammates.   The beginning   Troy grew up in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania where he played high school football for local team Mt. Lebanon High School. A multi-sport athlete, Troy excelled in football, […]

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Why it’s important to wear a golf glove?

Golf is a game of inches, and every advantage counts towards playing the best game possible. A major part of gaining those advantages is the equipment you play with, whether that’s clubs, balls, or gloves. You may have seen professionals or other golfers wearing a golf glove and wondered why they choose to do so, […]

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How to choose the right football glove size? [2023]

When shopping for football gloves, there are several things to consider including type, brand, and design. However, the most important aspect to a football glove is how it fits on your hand. Even if you have the best glove on the market, if it doesn’t fit you right it won’t perform the way you want […]

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Why it is expensive to make custom football gloves? [2023]

Customized football gloves allow for players like you to enjoy an unparalleled fit and comfort level. As well as allowing you to choose what design and colour scheme you want to showcase on the field. However, these advantages come at the cost of several extra steps on our end, leading to a higher price point […]

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Do football gloves really help? [2023]

No matter what level of football you’re playing, you want the best equipment possible to help elevate your game while not spending too much money on extraneous items that won’t actually help your performance. With that in mind, where do football gloves fall, the seemingly omnipresent tool of the trade? Let’s break down how gloves […]

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What football gloves should you choose? [2023]

Each ball thrown in your direction brings you one step closer to victory, and football gloves are your best ally to make every catch possible. As you advance through the different levels of football, attention to detail becomes more and more important, separating the good players from the great ones. Without a doubt, great hands […]

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How to customize football gloves? (No Minimum Quantity) [2023]

When it comes to football gloves, nothing can beat a pair made by you, just for you. Custom football gloves allow players to have an unrivalled fit and comfort level, as well as allowing them to design exactly the look they want to wear on the field. Offering custom football gloves is part of the […]

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What football gloves do running backs wear? [2023]

The position of running back has always been a key to any team’s offense, and some of the NFL and CFL’s greatest players have been running backs, from Walter Payton to Emmitt Smith, Adrian Peterson, Mike Pringle and Andrew Harris. However, the position of running back has evolved since the turn of the millennium, and good […]

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