About Invictus Gloves

Our mission

To allow every athlete to express their own identity while maximizing their performance.

Our mission

Our vision

Be the #1 sports glove brand for athletes.

Our vision

Our journey

Created by an athlete for athletes. With the growing desire for athletes to showcase their personality on the field, he saw an opportunity. He wanted to offer every athlete in the world the opportunity to express their own unique identity through their sports gloves while maximizing their performance.


Invictus comes from the Latin language. It can be translated to invincible or undefeated. The slogan Stick.To.Your.Game refers to stay true to your identity and uniqueness and to the grip that sports gloves procure for your performance.

Our values


We believe that everyone is unique, has his/her own identity and should always express their personality and creativity. This is the main reason that we launched. To allow every athlete to be distinctive on the field with innovative custom sports gloves so you can Stick.To.Your.Game.


As an athlete you’ll face a lot of challenges and adversity.  Being a start-up brand, we face the same reality. That’s why we believe that it’s important to face every challenge with hard work and effort. Challenge us, we’ll fight through anything, we’ll grind through adversity.


We, just like an athlete, always aspire to be the greatest at what we do. We are proud of our product and brand and are always trying to find ways to provide the best sports gloves in the world.


Pursuing your dream as an athlete or a start-up is a lonely road with a lot of adversity and doubters. To chase a dream you have to be willing to risk everything and believe in yourself. We are the master of our fate, the captain of our soul. We are Invictus. Stick.To.Your.Dream.

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Size Chart
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