Why it is expensive to make custom football gloves? [2023]

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Customized football gloves allow for players like you to enjoy an unparalleled fit and comfort level. As well as allowing you to choose what design and colour scheme you want to showcase on the field. However, these advantages come at the cost of several extra steps on our end, leading to a higher price point and delivery time for customized gloves. You may be wondering where the higher price and order delivery period for our customized gloves come from. In this article we will show you why it is more expensive and time-consuming to make and deliver custom football gloves.


Preparing all we need for your custom football gloves

Preparing all we need for your custom football gloves this is why it's expensive to make custom football gloves.

Firstly, creating custom football gloves has numerous steps beyond the traditional manufacturing process. After receiving an order from a customer, in the first week we must order the right materials for the glove, meaning those with the corresponding colours. We then must process the fabrics, a process which can take up to two weeks. This step in the production line involves dye-sublimation printing, wherein our customer’s design specifications are transferred onto the glove’s surface. Because the dye bonds extremely well with polyester, it makes very bright, well-defined images possible.


Your gloves are almost ready

Your custom football gloves are almost ready

At around 18 days, this process is complete, and we are ready to begin cutting the material. This is done to each order’s hand length and width, for the perfect fit. After 21 days, we can begin stitching and sewing the gloves together. Over the next week, we enact strict quality control tests on the manufactured gloves to ensure their durability, design and overall quality meet our high standards. This is usually completed around 28 days after the order is first placed. At approximately the one-month mark, the gloves are ready to be shipped, and are sent to be packaged and handled. Once shipped, the customer receives the tracking number, so they know when to expect their order.


It takes time but it’s worth it.

Your custom football gloves, it's worth waiting

With this in mind, it takes substantially more effort to create a custom glove than a standard one. Something that must be factored into the price to make it a viable option for us. As the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait”. It takes about a month for the complete order process but the result is a standout football glove. When you order our customized football gloves, you get the already high quality of an Invictus glove designed exactly to their specifications, and shipped right to their door.


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