What’s the difference between the armis and the custom football gloves?

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When choosing from our selection of football gloves, you may wonder what the difference is between the regular Invictus Armis gloves, and our custom gloves.


Same standards. Different styles.

Same standards. Different styles. The difference between the Armis and the Custom gloves.

Both the regular Invictus Armis 3.0 and our custom football gloves are made from the same high-quality materials, meeting SFIA standards. Our new combination of materials means the gloves have a stickier palm, lighter feel and more breathability, and improved durability. However, while the standard Armis 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are only available in 2 colours, steel and coal, customizing your own pair allows you to expand to 19 different colours for each section of the glove, and thousands of different potential configurations.

Offering customized football gloves has always been a part of the Invictus brand, ever since our founder realized that personalized football gloves had become inaccessible to the vast majority of football players. He wanted to give everyone a chance to have their own pair of gloves that fit their image and identity.


Do you want to design your gloves?

Do you want to design your gloves?

Customizing the look of your gloves is incredibly easy and precise, thanks to Invictus’ user-friendly 3D football gloves creator. You can choose between numerous colour options on several different sections of the glove, add custom texts or designs, and watch your creation come to life in real time. For more information on the customization process for personalized football gloves, read the following article: How to Customize Football Gloves?


What’s your budget?

However, the Armis 2.0 retails for $30 and the Armis 3.0 for $55, currently our custom gloves retail for $175. The price difference is because of several reasons, primarily increased manufacturing time and costs. For a more detailed breakdown of the price difference, read the following article: Why it is expensive to make custom football gloves?


Your gloves. Your choice.

Your gloves. Your choice. Choose the best football gloves for you.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what glove is best, but when it comes to football gloves, nothing can beat a pair made by you, just for you. Custom football gloves allow you to have an unrivalled fit and comfort level, as well as exactly the look you want to wear on the field.


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