[Pre-Order] The Imperio 10 Pack

[Pre-Order] The Imperio 10 Pack

SILVER - Take One Size Up (DELIVERY AUG 2024)



Simple and elegant, designed to match any outfit.


Second layer of leather added on the high-friction spots of your palm.

Strategic perforation

These small holes will help reduce humidity and boost breathability.

Like a second skin

Built with the lightest 100% high grade Cabretta leather, this glove will feel like a second skin. This glove will mold to your hand and improve your grip. It’s soft and velvety feel will assure your comfort during your game. We recommend one size larger than your current brand.


Nice opening at your wrist to liberate your swing. Flexible fabric in between your fingers that will adapt to your grip. Zig-Zag stitches will hold your knuckles in place but will follow your movements.

Adjustable closure for a personalised fit

This little detail will assure the glove is tightened to your liking and optimize your game.
[Pre-Order] The Imperio 10 Pack
Size Chart
Size Chart
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