How to get better at catching a football? [2023]

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Catch the football with your fingers

Catch the football with your hands to get better at catching football

It may be a cliché, but there’s a reason this adage is so often-used by football coaches around the world. Catching the ball with your hands instead of your chest or arms will hugely help your catch percentage.  Using the soft, malleable and sticky surface of your gloves to catch the ball instead of bouncing it off your hard pads will make holding on to the ball much easier. Once you’ve got it in your hands, make sure to tuck it away as quickly as possible to make sure it can’t be knocked out by a defender. 


Position your body on the football’s direction

Position your body on the football's direction to get better at catching football

It may not always be possible depending on the route you’re running, but ideally you want to be facing the quarterback with your shoulders square, feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended towards where the ball is coming from. Stay relaxed, like you’re just catching in your back yard, and once you’ve gotten the ball securely tucked away get ready to explode upfield. 


Have the perfect hand positioning

Have the perfect hand positioning to get better at catching football

Keeping in mind that you need to catch with your hands, how should you position them? Keep your palms out towards the ball, creating a triangle between your index fingers and thumbs. Keep your hands relaxed as the ball hits them, using your hands and arms as shock absorbers to slow the ball’s progression. 


Catch the football

Now the final step is to catch the football to get better at catching football

Once it’s in your hands, grip it tightly and stay focused until it’s fully tucked under your arm for maximum ball security. Keep your eyes on the ball until it’s tucked away, lifting your head up too early will lead to preventable drops. 


Practice your catching skills

Practice your catching skills to get better at catching football

The most important thing you can do to improve your catching is the way to get better at anything: practice. Get as many reps as possible catching a variety of different catches, hopefully as game-realistically as possible. Nothing can replace hard work in terms of getting better at a skill, so if you put in the time required you’ll see the results you want. 


Use the right football gloves

Use the right football gear and the best football gloves to get better at catching football

With these tips, your ability to catch will be a lot more consistent. But if you want every advantage, a great pair of gloves can make a big difference in your catching ability. Football gloves are much stickier than your bare skin, and they protect your hands as well. Check out Invictus’ website for their football glove customizer to find the perfect football gloves to elevate your game. 


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